South Park: Phone Destroyer(サウスパーク:フォンデストロイヤー)の日本語版配信前の攻略情報まとめ






Tier List

Community Tier List Update from SouthParkPhone

Tier List (By Theme) from SouthParkPhone



Name Rarity Type Description
Stan of Many Moons Legendary Fighter Charged: Casts a fiery blast at all enemies.
Sheriff Cartman Rare Tank Charged: Damage nearby enemies with his bullet-tantrum.
Gunslinger Kyle Common Ranged Charged: All allies get +36 attack for 3sec.
Outlaw Tweek Common Ranged Warcry: Throws dynamite. (25 damage if it hits enemy leader.)
Calamity Heidi Common Fighter Heidi is a fighter that is both smart and funny.
Bandita Sally Common Assassin A cute and deadly assassin that runs with scissors.
Inuit Kenny Legendary Assassin Deathwish: Kills the enemy that killed him.
Storyteller Jimmy Epic Fighter Aura: Decrease attack of all nearby enemies.
Shaman Token Common Fighter Charged: Remove all negative effects from allies.
Medicine Woman Sharon Rare Ranged Charged: Heals herself and all nearby allies (includes leader).
Pocahontas Randy Epic Fighter Charged: Calls an Indian kid to battle.
Hookhand Clyde Epic Fighter Warcry: Damage a random enemy. (34 if it hits enemy leader).
Pirate Ship Timmy Rare Ranged Charged: Launches a cannonball at the nearest enemy.
Deckhand Butters Common Assassin Deathwish: Heals his closest ally or leader.
Smuggler Ike Common Assassin Charged: Increases his attack power.
Captain Wendy Rare Ranged Charged: Triple-shots the closest three enemies.
Buccaneer Bebe Rare Ranged TBA
Barrel Dougie Rare Assassin Headhunter: 83 extra damage to enemy leader on first hit.
Arrowstorm Epic Effect Damage all enemies.
Lightning Bolt Rare Effect Huge damage to one enemy. (72 damage if it hits enemy leader)
Fireball Rare Effect Damages enemies in area. (30 damage if it hits enemy leader)


Name Rarity Type Description
Cyborg Kenny Epic Assassin Deathwish: Heal and control this unit’s killer for 10sec.
A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 Epic Tank Charged: Freezes nearby enemies with a cosmic stomp.
Astronaut Butters Common Assassin Deathwish: Speeds up his closest ally or leader for 4sec.
Alien Clyde Common Fighter Warcry: Shoots poison at a random enemy.
Alien Queen Red Rare Fighter Warcry: Throws alien eggs at enemies and poisons them.
Gizmo Ike Epic Assassin Charged: Splits into two Gizmo Ikes.
Sixth Element Randy Legendary Fighter Charged: Pukes and summons a robot vacuum.
Bounty Hunter Kyle Common Ranged Flying
Space Warrior Token Rare Fighter Charged: Rush and strike at nearest enemy.
Ice Sniper Wendy Rare Ranged Charged: Freeze 3 enemies within range for 4sec.
Program Stan Epic Fighter Charged: Freeze and damage all enemies
Marine Craig Common Ranged Warcry: Poisons enemy leader and closeby enemies.
Mecha Timmy Legendary Ranged Charged: Control the nearest enemy for 3sec.
Powerfist Dougie Rare Assassin Headhunter: Freeze enemy leader with first strike.
Warboy Tweek Rare Ranged Warcry: Speed up all allies for 2sec-4sec.
Enforcer Jimmy Rare Fighter Aura: Nearby enemies cannot charge.
Visitors Rare Ranged TBA
Freeze Ray Common Effect Freezes enemies in target area for 4sec.
Hyperdrive Rare Effect Doubles speed on all allies for 3sec.
Poison Common Effect Poisons enemies in target area.
Mind Control Rare Effect Control target enemy for 3sec.


Name Rarity Type Description
The Master Ninjew Legendary Ranged Warcry: +20 attack to all other allies.
Youth Pastor Craig Rare Ranged Praise the lord!
Poseidon Stan Common Fighter Charged: Slows all enemies for 6sec.
Witch Doctor Token Legendary Fighter Charged: Drains health from nearby enemies.
IMP Tweek Common Fighter Flying
Choirboy Butters Epic Assassin Deathwish: Gives a little extra energy.
Prophet Dougie Rare Assassin Headhunter: If he hits enemy leader, pause enemy’s energy generation.
Angel Wendy Common Ranged Charged: Heal 99 HP to the three closest allies.
Jew Scout Ike Common Assassin TBA
Hercules Clyde Rare Fighter TBA
Medusa Bebe Legendary Ranged TBA
Pope Timmy Epic Ranged Warcry: Revive a random dead ally.
Zen Cartman Rare Tank Charged: Attracts nearby enemies. Namaste.
Hermes Kenny Epic Assassin Deathwish: Double energy gain for 2sec.
Friar Jimmy Common Fighter Aura: Regenerates health on nearby allies.
Sexy Nun Randy Epic Fighter Charged: Brings a choirboy to the battle.
Energy Staff Rare Tower Increases the rate that you gain energy.
Power Bind Common Effect Stops Enemies in area from charging for 40sec.
Purify Common Effect Clears all effects in target area.
Regeneration Rare Effect Regenerate health on all allies for 15sec.
Hallelujah Rare Effect Heal all allies.
Unholy Combustion Rare Effect Kill an enemy, deal damage to its surrounding enemies.


Name Rarity Type Description
Grand Wizard Cartman Legendary Tank Charged: Blasts nearby enemies with super sweet magic!
Paladin Butters Common Assassin Deathwish: Closest ally or leader becomes invincible for 3sec.
Princess Kenny Common Assassin Deathwish: This unit’s killer has 0 attack for 10 sec.
Catapult Timmy Rare Ranged Charged: Launches filthy rats at the nearest enemy.
Stan the Great Common Fighter Charged: Reduce attack of all enemies for 5sec.
Canadian Knight Ike Rare Assassin Charged: Increases his max health and fully heals.
Dark Mage Craig Rare Ranged Area damage. Warcry: Halves enemy leader attack for 5sec.
Dwarf King Clyde Rare Fighter Warcry: Strike nearest enemy with a mighty blow.
Dwarf Engineer Dougie Rare Assassin Headhunter: +10 attack for every hit
Shieldmaiden Wendy Legendary Fighter Charged: Becomes invincible for 3sec.
Kyle of the Drow Elves Rare Ranged Charged: All allies gain invincibility for 4sec.
Blood Elf Bebe Common Ranged TBA
Robin Tweek Common Ranged Warcry: Give a random ally a big heath boost.
Le Bard Jimmy Common Fighter Warcry: Decrease max health of all enemies.
Rogue Token Epic Fighter Warcry: Deal damage to nearby enemies.
Underpants Gnomes Rare Assassin Three sneaky underwear collectors.
The Amazingly Randy Epic Ranged Charged: Summons a magic cock from thin air!
Chicken Coop Epic Tower Spawns a fresh cock every 5 sec.
Cock Magic Epic Effect Transform allies and enemies into angry cocks.
Transmogrify Epic Effect Transforms target enemy into a worthless rat.


Name Rarity Type Description
Nathan Rare Ranged Deals area damage with exploding bombs.
Mimsy Common Tank Headhunter. Slow, dumb, and only targets enemy leaders.
Nelly Rare Fighter Area Damage, Spinning Attack!
DogPoo Epic Fighter Hits hard with a masterfully wielded dog turd.
Terrance Mephesto Rare Ranged Flying bomber who deals area damage!
Marcus Epic Fighter Charged: Throws a drug pillow at enemy leader dealing 60 damage.
Rat Swarm Common Assassin Four Rats, probably from Kenny’s house.
Pigeon Gang Common Fighter Flying. Also totally gross.
Starvin’ Marvin Rare Fighter Flying, Headhunter… and starvin’.
Big Gay Al Rare Ranged Headhunter. Throws glitter bombs at enemy leader.
Officer Barbrady Rare Tank Deathwish: Bomb deals damage to nearby enemies.
Manbearpig Legendary Tank Holy shit it’s real!




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